The Developing Minds Volunteer List is used by various collaborating research labs at Virginia Tech. Together, we are investigating how developmental affects vision, decision making, memory, emotion, and physical and psychological health. We hope to learn how we can foster healthy minds and bodies for our children across the lifespan. (A list of professors at VT coordinating these projects is available here).

We usually recruit participants from the community by putting advertisements in newspapers and websites, flyers in community centers, and notices in various newsletters. In addition to recruiting new participants for each study, we maintain a list of people who have previously expressed an interest in participating in studies on emotion, cognition and child development. Only the researchers listed above and their staff will be permitted access to this list. This list provides an opportunity for researchers and interested participants to connect.

There are a variety of research projects going on at the Department of Psychology and in affiliated departments at VT investigating what psychological and environmental factors affect the development of cognition and emotion and what can be done to maintain healthy minds as our children are growing up.

What information will we collect?

Each study varies, but generally speaking, our studies typically involve completing various cognitive tasks and answering questionnaires; a few of them also use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), FNIRS, EEG/ERP to record brain activity while your child or you complete cognitive tasks.

Some studies pay volunteers a stipend for their time; others involve unpaid volunteers. Some of the studies only involve a certain range of participants (e.g., adolescents or college student), but many of the studies also include most of the ages to compare cognitive processes across different ages.

How do you get involved?

You can join our Developing Minds Volunteer List. Click Here to be contacted by researchers about studies for which you may be eligible. If contacted, you would have the opportunity to ask questions and decide whether you want to participate. The researchers might also ask you questions to find out if you are eligible for their study.

We would maintain a record of the preferences you state concerning what type of studies you would like to be contacted about and how often you would like to participate in studies. We would also keep a record of when you were contacted and when you participated in a study so that we do not contact you about studies more often than you would like. No information about your performance in any study would be included in this list, and your contact information will be treated confidentially. We will not distribute your information to anyone not affiliated with the VT Developing Minds research projects. Completion of the contact information indicates you are interested in being contacted about future studies, but does not obligate you to participate in any study.

What if I want to be removed from the list?

You may remove your name at any point from the list by contacting andlab.vt [at] gmail.com. No information about your performance in any study would be included in this list and your contact information will be treated confidentially.